Content creator:

Content creators promote interest in the project by educating the community and the general public about the project through engaging, informative, and meaningful content in the form of videos, blogs, graphic design, podcasts, or any other form of artistic creation.


Provide at least three previously published pieces of content;

Asset: Graphical, text, articles, blogs, audio and/or video content are all acceptable, as well as tools (apps, websites, etc.);

Content informs our community about technical or social aspects of the project; Text is flawless and grammatically correct;

Content represents the values of the Octopus Network brand;

Audiovisual production excels in quality and delivery;

Content is up to date, well presented; video and audio are of high quality in resolution, editing and production value efforts; graphic design work shows proficiency in execution;


Because different kinds of content require different efforts for production and publication, the following three content tiers will be rewarded on a monthly basis:

level 1 rewards by piece

level 2 rewards by piece

level 3 rewards by piece

Meetup organizer:

Meetup Organizers drive adoption by hosting regular offline Octopus Network meetups, connect with local blockchain enthusiasts to educate them about Octopus Network, create think-tanks and have open debates. Ambassadors can apply for rewards from their third meetup. A meetup needs to be hosted at least once every three months to maintain the Ambassador status.


Anyone who is interested in hosting meetup events; no specific event management background required;

You have hosted at least two Octopus community meetups with a minimum of 10 attendees each in the three months prior to the application;

You should provide valid URL links of your meetup group with proof of previous hosted events;


Rewards by organizing a meetup

Rewards by writing recap

Rewards by basic video recording of event and interviews

Additional reward: rewards by per participant (group photo)


Moderators drive adoption by helping us maintain under the direction of community managers through our official online social media channels. We would like you to help us create an informative, productive and pleasant place for the community members to come together in multiple languages across various platforms.


A well-known community member who is actively engaged in one or more of our social media channels and being recognized as a contributor to a positive, friendly and welcoming atmosphere;

Deep understanding of how a particular social media platform works and participation in daily activities;


Rewards for full coverage of one major social channel, such as Facebook, Weibo, Reddit, Telegram and language-specific mediums.


Translators drive adoption by expanding the Octopus Network project to non-Chinese speaking communities by translating and sharing content in different languages.


Send one at least 1000 words translation article and share on different platforms.


Rewards by the number of accurate original text words.

The ambassador candidacy registration form is in the following link below: